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We Have Partnered With The Best

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Feller Engineering is a great temperature controller manufacturer since 2001, and more than 10,000 control zones has been sold. The outstanding performance, stability and low maintenance cost of the unit are well recognized among our customers.


Everfinest was found in 2001 in Hong Kong and are a professional total molding solution provider for plastic industry applications, including hot runner system, temperature controller and LSR cold deck system.


The company is mainly engaged in High-Precision mold frame and sales. STIEHL has a strong technical team, the most advanced equipment and high precision processing technology.

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HEITEC hot runner was found in 1987, and they have been creating different innovative hot runner products. They are specialized in precision and small parts, closed pitch application, and also direct side gating application.

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"With over 20 years of experience and in partnership with industry leading solution providers we deliver world class Precision Engineering Solutions."


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